Three of Us

Three of Us

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Looking back in History, Memorial Day was known as "Decoration day." It was and is still a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. There are many stories to this special day's beginnings, and there is also evidence that women played a role in remembering fallen soldiers in the south. These particular women were decorating graves, and a hymn was even published in 1867, called "Kneel Where Our Loves are Sleeping," by Nella L. Sweet.

Spouses, especially women, play a large role in the military. We are our spouses biggest supporters, most devoted friends and lovers, and the backbone of the ever-changing household. We work very hard to keep everything balanced and "normal" at home, but inside, we grieve for those who have already lost their lives because we fear for our Soldiers safety.

The Soldiers who served and sacrificed their lives in all of the previous and present time wars are loved, missed, and truly respected. Those Soldiers who sacrificed precious time with their families to protect our freedoms are continually respected and thanked by each and every one of us.

Memorial Day is not about division. It is about reconciliation; it is about coming together to honor those who gave their all. It is also about coming together and recognizing all of the great things those fallen soldiers did for our country.

Embrace those you love, every single day. Tell them you love them as often as you can. Live life to the fullest and appreciate what life has to offer, every moment of every day!

Happy Memorial Day!


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