Three of Us

Three of Us

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tap in Thursday's

Last week we posted our Tap in Thursday's premier. Please join us today and remember to come back to tell us who was your favorite post or who provided the most helpful information!

Last Tap in Thursday,

Semper Pi to Apple Pie gave a great website to find a house/apartment to rent, "" This website is useful for all branches and all duty locations! Thanks so much!

a doxie a noodle and their family seems to have the best location to find housing on post/base or off post/base with a breeze! WOW! Gotta love White Sands Missile Range! Thank you!

This week's theme is "Restaurants, DFAC and Take Out!" Stay tuned for next week's "Pampered like a Puppy" Please make sure you leave a comment about which blog posted the best piece of advice!

1. What are your favorite restaurants near post?
2. What restaurants are family friendly?
3. Where would you go to watch 'The Game?'
4. What take-out restaurants would you recommend to your best friend?
5. If you've eaten at your DFAC, how would you rate it?
6. If there are any restaurants that aren't worth eating at, which ones are they? Why?