Three of Us

Three of Us

Monday, June 28, 2010

beyond the call of duty

I was inspired today.... another one of our men deployed this week. The year long climatic "see ya later" for the Anderson duo ultimately came on Friday. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this. BUT (and the army always has buts) the amazing part of this story was how strong she stayed. She resisted the urge to curse, complain and moan about how the army takes FOREVER to decide when and where they are going to deploy. I am not saying she is perfect, but she handled it the best way possible and I admire her. She did not "hide" how she felt at church when the priest and the congregation prayed for the soldiers deploying. She proudly stood by her newly promoted 1LT for FIVE hours waiting for their bus. Now ladies, I believe that is an Army Strong Spouse. If you are a milispouse waiting for your husband to deploy or if you are waiting for him to return, we understand. Keep your head up!

God Bless and thank you Mrs. A. for your example.

Red Leg

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