Three of Us

Three of Us

Tap in Thursday's

You heard him say it, "We have new orders hunny!" Your mind goes into milspouse mode; checklists, to do lists, call the landlord, get boxes, USPS change of address, and the list goes on. Wouldn't it be nice to have a resource where you knew a little bit about the next location before you got there and asked around? We know we would like to know where we should get our hair cut, is there a doggy day care, what is the school system like, where are the good doctors, exercise places, how is the weather, housing, neighborhoods, are you leaving a job and moving to a new location?

This meme will be something brand new and exciting. We haven't seen anything like it before. We want to help all of us military spouses who have to PCS in a moment's notice. We want to provide the information before hand to make things a little less complicated. Every Thursday, we will have a list of questions about where you have lived and the experiences living there. You do not have to say whether you currently live there or not.  After you answer the questions, link your blog here for others to take a look. As time goes on, we hope to use this information to provide a larger database for us to reference. Please come back to take a look at others and vote who had the best information to give each week. The following Tap in Thursday's we will highlight that winner. Please take the button below and place it in your sidebar or on the post to encourage others to take part.

Why the name Tap in Thursday's? Taps is the "lights out" song heard around every military instillation at 5pm. The way we see it, we hopefully have a place to go home to at that time. Since home is where the military sends us, we thought this phrase was fitting!

For concrete information about Military instillations, you can also look to's information guide. There are a lot of phone numbers and general information about the area. Hopefully our meme will promote more detailed information.

Thanks for joining!!