Three of Us

Three of Us

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Readiness Groups

After becoming an ACS Certified FRG (Family Readiness Group) Leader, I have become even more aware of the importance of this role! For those of you who may not know what an FRG Leader really does or why they are important for you as an Army Spouse or Family member... Please continue reading :)

Question: What is an FRG?
Answer: It is a command-sponsored organizatino of Soldiers, civilian employees, family members (immediate and extended) and volunteers belonging to a unit. (Source: AR 608-1, Appendix J)

Question: What is the FRG's Mission?
Answer: The FRG acts as an extension of the unit in providing official and accurate command information. They provide mutual support between the command and the FRG, advocate for efficient use of available resources, and help direct families to the best resources when an issue arises. *** Please note, FRG leaders are not the people to call to solve your problems or fix things for you. We are simply here to help you find the right resources to solve any issues or problems... And of course to communicate effectively with you and your family about what is going on within your Unit, Battalion, Company ,and/or platoon.

Question: Why do we have FRGs?
Answer: To support soldiers and their families. The FRG assists the commander in enhancing family readiness for whatever stage of inactivation, activation, pre-deployment, deployment, employment, redeployment, etc....Families can look to FRGs for ongoing support, resources, and a sense of belonging!

Question: Why do FRGs need volunteers?
Answer: The FRG is only as strong or as weak as you make it. If you want to have fun family and social events, volunteers are needed to plan events, follow them through, raise money, and to keep the FRG going. There is typically 1 FRG Leader (and maybe a c0-Leader), a Treasurer (and a co-treasurer), Fund Raising Chair, Secretary, and KEY CALLERS!

Question: What is a Key Caller?
Answer: A volunteer within the FRG who is at the top of the Phone Tree. When command issues information to be delivered to each family, the Key Caller calls their Roster and gives the information. Key Callers are not to give any additional information or opinions during their phone calls.

This is just a short overview of what an FRG is and what it is used for. Some FRGs meet once a month, some once a quarter, and some may just be starting their FRGs. FRGs are a great way to connect with other Army families and keep in the "loop" on information directly from the commander. FRGs are not a gossip club, and ranks do not matter here.

I am so so so excited to be our company's FRG leader :) It's going to be challenging, but SO rewarding! Stay tuned for more information :)


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