Three of Us

Three of Us

Friday, October 22, 2010

News from Your Soldiers AO

It is never fun to hear of incidents that occur where your Soldier is. I woke up to a Skype message, a few hours old, and my husband no longer online, that told me there was a bombing near his location. Of course he was "ok," and he didn't even know it had happened until after the fact (he didn't hear it...).

Regardless, I began scouring Google for more and more information on the incident. Come to find out, it had nothing to do with the military at all. It was a total relief, of course, but in the same token, it caused me to realize that bad things happen everywhere... And just because my Soldier is deployed to a "safer" location, there are still terrorists.

Above all else, my husband is lifted up in prayer by me and our family every single day. I know I have friends who pray for him, too. No matter where our soldiers travel to, we need to always remember to lift them up to Him, and ask for angels to protect them day in and day out.

Our soldiers are courageous and bold... I truly could not be more proud! :) I'm sure you all agree!

This weekend, let's say some extra prayers for all of our Soldiers AND their families!

I'm thinking of you, KP, and I hope you enjoy your time with your Soldier! He is in my prayers daily! Love to you....

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