Three of Us

Three of Us

Friday, August 20, 2010

household 6 HH6

What is a household 6? It's you! It's us! We are the commander of the household, the one that keeps the task of washing the velcro ACU, picking up the stinking socks and PT shorts, running to the PX, raising the pets and kids.... you get my drift? HA! HH6 is the one in charge of everything. Apparently, our soldiers use it in sentences too! "I cannot do ______ because household 6 pulled my weekend pass." I think this is pretty clever actually!

Anyway, I wanted to pass that along to you ladies.

Have a really super Friday!

Good luck mrs. m with your last couple weeks with your hubby. We are all thinking of you!

Red Leg


  1. That's a good one! I will have to remember it! Glad I found your blog!

  2. Thanks Tyler! We are happy we are being sought out by other military wives! Please let us know what your blog is and we will follow you! God Bless!


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